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Viewing text in larger size

In order to view text in larger than the default size you can use ‘CTRL’ whilst scrolling in or out with the mouse. If this doesn’t work please follow the instructions below.

These are for the browser versions recommended to see our website looking it’s best, but they may also work with other versions of the same browser.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0 and 9.0

Choose View option

Select Text Size from options list

From next options list select Small, Medium, Large or Largest to set text to size you want

Opera 11.0

Click the View button on the status bar.

Drag the slider to adjust the zoom level. Or, roll the scroll wheel on your mouse while hovering over the slider.


To make text larger press Ctrl++

To make text smaller press Ctrl –

To return text to normal size press Ctrl + 0

MAC OS and Apple Safari 5.0

To make text larger Option-Command-+

Mozilla Firefox 3.0+

Select View option

Select Zoom Text Only from options list

Select View option and Zoom In from options list to set text size you want

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