Critical Raw Materials, what for?!



Critical Raw Materials (CRM) are vital for many industrial sectors in Europe such as clean energy options like wind turbines, solar cells, electric vehicles, energy-efficient lighting and many other sectors and applications.

Ok, they are important, but how to deal with their scarcity?

The scarcity of CRM together with their economic importance makes it necessary to explore new avenues towards their possible substitution in order to reduce the EU’s consumption and decrease the relative dependence upon imports.

Ok, Ok, the substitution of CRM can provide a solution, but when and for which applications?

The general status and the potential of substitution of critical raw materials are still not fully known and understood. This is due to the fragmentation of the value chain across different technologies, materials and applications.

Ok, Ok, Ok, the CRM are important, the substitution is a potential solution but the value chain is fragmented, how can we overcome this?

Stakeholders from academia, industry, European Commission and other innovation bodies in Europe are invited to be a part of the Innovation Network which will be created within the CRM_InnoNet project on the 15th of April 2013 to facilitate dialogue, exchange of ideas in the field of substitutions of critical raw materials. Please join us and make your voice heard!

Ok, Ok, OK, I am interested in this networking initiative and to exchange ideas in the field of substitution of CRM, but I cannot join on April 15th!

If you are not able to join us on April 15th 2013 in Brussels, you can post your thoughts and ideas about the substitution of Critical Raw Materials through this blog. You can also post here your opinion and vision about the need of an Innovation Network and what would be its mission and structure to enhance the competitiveness of the EU industry and economy in the area of substitution of Critical Raw Materials.

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