EIP Raw Materials Conference 19/04/2013

The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) aims to promote innovation along the entire value chain of raw materials and has a number of ambitious targets to achieve by 2020, such as:

  • 10 innovative pilot actions (e.g. demonstration plants) for exploration, extraction and processing, collection and recycling
  • 3 substitutes for at least three key applications of critical and scarce raw materials

One of the main drivers for the creation of the EIP is to promote closer cooperation between the myriad of players and initiatives working to tackle various aspects of the complex critical raw materials landscape. To this end, the EIP held a conference bringing together existing initiatives related to the topics covered by the EIP and CRM_InnoNet was there to contribute.

The conference was arranged into five panel sessions corresponding to the proposed structure for the Strategic Implementation plan for the EIP. Representatives from the related-initiatives were invited to discuss how their initiative could benefit from the EIP and how their initiative could contribute to the EIP.

Work Package 1 – Technologies for primary and secondary raw materials production

Work Package 2 – Technologies for substitution of raw materials

WP3 – regulatory framework for primary raw materials 

Work Package 4 – Improving Europe’s waste management regulatory framework conditions and excellence

Work Package 5 – International Cooperation Pillar

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