Report: Materials Critical to the Energy Industry – An Introduction

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Author: BP p.l.c

Abstract: The aim of this handbook is to provide an introduction to the complex supply chains that lead from geological processes to the refined materials needed to maintain existing energy pathways and build new ones. These supply chains are vulnerable to interruption by a range of factors, which this handbook outlines. The book also indicates the likelihood of supply interruption for the materials described. This will enable any reader, who has an interest in existing or developing energy pathways, to improve their understanding of the risk to the sustainability of each pathway brought about by restricted supply of materials. That understanding can help build a broader view of the analysis required to underpin business decisions in the energy sector. This handbook concentrates on 23 materials. Please note that the rare earth elements are treated as just one material, with brief descriptions being offered for those used in energy pathways. The choice of what to include was based on a review of what materials are essential to current and foreseen energy pathways and appear to have potential constraints on economically sustainable supply or use.

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[DATE: June 2014]

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