Platinum 2013

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Author: Johnson Matthey

A review of platinum supply and demand in 2012 by Johnson Matthey.

Key points:

  • Platinum was in deficit by 375,000 oz in 2012, largely due to production lost to strikes, stoppages and mine closures in South Africa.
  • Primary supplies of platinum, at 5.64 million ounces, were at a 12-year low, with South African sales down by 16% to 4.10 million ounces.
  • Gross demand for platinum fell marginally in 2012 to 8.05 million ounces, with higher jewelry demand but sharply lower industrial buying.
  • Autocatalyst demand for platinum was poor in Europe but stronger in Asia and North America and for non-road diesel emissions control.

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[DATE: May 2013]

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