Critical Raw Materials Substitution Profiles

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Author: CRM_InnoNet


reportcover_rawmaterialsThe CRM_InnoNet consortium has carried out a mapping exercise to produce a ‘critical raw material subsitution profile’ for each of the materials listed as critical by the European Commission (the EU-14 list).  Each raw materials profile provides a detailed analysis of the uses and discusses current substitutability of each material.

The authors invite feedback on the raw material profiles.   Please email any comments to   Feedback will be considered until August 2014.

Download the full raw materials profiles report:

Download now

Download the individual profiles:


  1. Antimony Download now
  2. Berylium Download now
  3. Cobalt Download now
  4. Fluorspar Download now
  5. Gallium Download now
  6. Germanium Download now
  7. Graphite Download now
  8. Indium Download now
  9. Magnesium Download now
  10. Niobium Download now
  11. Platinum Group Metals Download now
  12. Rare Earth Elements Download now
  13. Tantalum Download now
  14. Tungsten Download now

[DATE: September 2013]

  1. Planchon Mariane
    Hello dear CRM_Innonet team, Your RM profiles are very interesting, that's such a great study! However, do the market shares that you reprot representative of a global use or a European use? Thanks a lot for your clarification.
    • Catherine Joce
      Hi Mariane, I glad you found the report interesting. They are generally worldwide figures as EU figures are hard to come by. I appreciate that it isn't very transparent in the report and we will make sure it is more clear in the next edition to be published around the end of the year. Best wishes, Catherine

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