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The Innovation Network for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials held its launch workshop in April 2013 and the next workshop is planned for May 2014.  In the meantime, Network members can either interact virtually using this space.

If you are looking to be involved in a substitution project in Horizon2020, why not post  here:

  • what your organisation has to offer a consortium
  • what you are looking for in potential project partners


About the Author
  1. Catherine Joce
    Chemistry Innovation are coordinator of CRM_InnoNet and dissemination partner for joint EU-Japan project NOVACAM, which is developing critical metal free catalysts. Chemistry Innovation also chair the UK Materials Security Special Interest Group. Chemistry Innovation have a network of over 7000 members from business, academia and policy members and are dedicated to stimulating process and product innovation for the benefit of the chemistry-using industries. Chemistry Innovation are the ideal dissemination partner for projects related to substitution with other UK partners. Please email for more information.
  2. George Lashkarev
    1. Institute for Problems of Material Science (Ukraine, Kiev) has to offer the idea of the substitution of indium and gallium containing materials in photovoltaics and light-emitting devices by ZnO-based materials using own long-term researches in these areas. 2. We are looking for partners in the areas of magnetron sputtering, CVD, ALE and PLD technologies for development the large scale processing of ZnO-based materials which satisfy the requirements for transparent conductive films as front electrodes for solar cells and quantum structures for light-emitting and laser diodes. The technological investigations should be joined with researches of structural, optical, electrical, electronic and other needed properties. If you are interested in cooperation with our scientific group please don’t hesitate and contact us. Contact person: George V. Lashkarev Dr. Phys., Professor Head of Department of Physics and Technology of Photoelectronic and Magnetoactive Materials I.M. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Material Science National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ADDRESS: 3, Krzhizhanovsky st. Kyiv, UKRAINE, 03680 PHONE: +38(044)424-3228; 424-0589 FAX: +38(044)424-2131 E-MAIL:;

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