Consultative Communication on the Sustainable Use of Phosphorous

The European Commission (EC) is launching a consortium in order to gain perspective/opinions on the current use of phosphorous and ways to improve this efficiency of usage. Phosphorous is an essential and irreplaceable element that has the potential to be utilized in a more specific way in order to cut down on it’s wastage.

The consultation wishes to gain contributions on this topic from the European Parliament, the Council, European institutions, citizens, public authorities, NGO’s and businesses until 1 December, 2013.

Analysis of these contributions will occur throughout 2014 and policies to improve on sustainable phosphorous management shall take into account these views.

The EC has asked for contributions on:

  • Demand and supply
  • Soil contamination management
  • Potential technological advancements/ innovations in utilizing phosphorous
  • Recycling of phosphorous eg. from food and biodegradable waste

Click the links for more information on phosphorous and details on the consultation.

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