CRM_InnoNet annual update

The CRM_InnoNet team recently all met in Runcorn for an interim meeting.  With 18 partners in the project, it was a full house!

CRM_InnoNet has spent the last year completing comprehensive bottom-up and top-down mapping of critical raw materials usage in Europe.

Three reports are now available:

Supply chain analysis of the ICT and electronics sector

Supply chain analysis of the energy sector

Raw materials profiles - a detailed assessment of the substitutability of the EU-14 in their end use applications.  This report is currently open for consultation, so please feel free to send us any feedback.

We are now embarking on the next, exciting phase of the project, writing the roadmaps for substitution of critical raw materials in Europe.  There will be plenty of opportunities to input into these roadmaps, and the topics will be announced soon.  Find out more by joining us at our next Innovation Network workshop, 14th May in Brussels.

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