Eighth project newsletter is now public

In this December issue you will find:

  • An invitation and registration link for the 3rd Innovation Network workshop, which will be held on 11 February 2015 in Brussels
  • An announcement of the public consultation for the project substitution roadmaps – the call will open in January and run for four weeks, so stay tuned!
  • A link to a survey to submit your ideas about the value and continuation of the Innovation Network
  • A close-up on D’ Appolonia, a CRM_InnoNet partner
  • A summary article with useful links from the Information Day organised by EASME in October to present the Calls of the Horizon 2020  on Societal Challenge 5
  • An article about the seminar that Cefic organised with ERRIN and the East & North Finland EU Office to examine the ways the European Regions and the chemical industry can work together towards sustainable use of raw materials
  • A list of upcoming events

The Critical Raw Materials Bulletin_Issue 8_December 2014

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