Press Release: Tackling the Shortage of “Endangered” Elements Critical to Modern Technologies

“Endangered” elements have allowed us to dramatically advance technology and modern life but are at risk of running out. Which elements are the scarcest? What are scientists doing to address this critical issue? Top experts in the field will answer these questions and more during a newly added press conference set to take place during the American Chemical Society’s 247th National Meeting & Exposition, which begins Sunday in Dallas.

Details are as follows:

Rare and endangered elements
Who: David Constable, Ph.D., ACS Green Chemistry Institute
Jillian Buriak, Ph.D., University of Alberta
Karl Gschneidner, Jr., Ph.D., Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University
When: Monday, March 17, at 10 a.m. Central Time
Where: Dallas Convention Center, Room A122/A123

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