Seventh project newsletter is now public

In this August issue you will find:

  • An article about the 2nd Innovation Network Workshop: summary and way forward
  • A short summary of the CRM_InnoNet Vision Workshop
  • Policy news: link to the revised list of the CRMs published by the European Commission in May 2014
  • An article about the presentation of the CRM_InnoNet project at the Kobe University in Japan within the framework of EU-Japan cooperation in STI
  • An introduction to the CRM_InnoNet report on options for substitution and public consultation
  • An invitation to the next CRM_InnoNet Workshop – “CRM Substitution and Importance for the European Electronics Industry” in Grenoble
  • A close-up on Cefic
  • A list of upcoming events

The Critical Raw Materials Bulletin_Issue 7_August 2014

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