Three New EU-Japan Projects Launched

The European Commission (EC) have announced the launch of three coordinated EU-Japan projects that all strive towards developing substitutes for critical raw materials (CRMs).

With a surge in uptake of green energy technologies, which heavily rely on critical raw materials, future supply of these materials shortages are expected. It is therefore paramount to research and develop alternative materials and technology that use abundant elements and thus lessens the EU’s reliance on CRMs.

Three EU research consortia won the call launched by the EC and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST):

  • NOVACAM – (NOVel cheap and Abundant Materials for catalytic biomass conversion) aims to design and develop novel catalysts which do not use CRMs for the conversion of biomass into chemical feedstocks and fuels.
  • HARFIR – (Heusler Alloy Replacement For Indium) aims to develop antiferromagnetic Heusler alloy films as a substitute for Indium containing antiferromagnetic IrMn films
  • IRENA – (Indium Replacement by single-walled carbon nanotube thin films) aims to replace oxide semiconductors which contain rare earths metals such as Indium, by developing high-performance carbon nanotube (CNT) thin films

For more information on these projects, visit the European Commission’s webpage. 

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