Upcoming Horizon2020 funding for substitution projects

There are a number of upcoming funding opportunities for those interested in substitution of critical raw materials.  As substitution is a very broad topic, calls on substitution are found in different work programmes.








Materials under extreme conditions Development of substitutes for critical / scarce materials in heat resistant super alloys, hard materials, critical alloying elements in bulk materials (steel / aluminium) or corrosion resistant materials. SC5-12b-2015 Societal Challenges Growing a Low Carbon, Resource Efficient Economy with a Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials 10th March 2015  Visit call webpage
Novel materials by design for substituting critical raw materials Rational design of new materials with a reduced or eliminated critical materials content, with a focus on combination of theory with large-scale computational screening. NMP-23-2015 Industrial Leadership Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials and Production 26th March 2015  Visit call webpage


Interested in participating?  Why not join the Innovation Network for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials to enjoy networking opportunities with other organisations with interest in these topics?

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