Project Objectives

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Objectives wheelMapping of critical raw material substitution initiatives: CRM_InnoNet will carry out a ‘top down’ sector-based approach to identify potential bottlenecks in the raw materials value chain and a ‘bottom up’ raw materials-based approach, including mapping of on-going initiatives in the field of substitution of critical raw materials at the EU and Member States level.
Prioritisation methodology: CRM_InnoNet will develop a methodology to establish clear criteria for the prioritisation of applications which are at ‘threat’ due to resource scarcity and identify opportunities for technological and non-technological development in the field of substitution of critical raw materials.
Substitution Roadmap: CRM_InnoNet will propose a roadmap for the substitution of critical raw materials in five key applications.
Innovation Network: The Innovation Network will constitute a dynamic, open and proactive platform for the entire stakeholder community.
Policy Recommendations: CRM_InnoNet will prepare recommendations, future initiative ideas and suggested actions for policy makers.

Work Package 1 – Project Management

Work package 1 is led by Chemistry Innovation. The aims of work package 1 are to implement the overa
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Work Package 2 – Methodology and Prioritisation

Work package 2 is led by D’Appolonia. This Work Package will develop methodologies to identify and c
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Work Package 3 – Bottom-Up Mapping of the Critical Raw Materials Landscape

Work package 3 is led by Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI. Work Package
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Work Package 4 – Value Chain Analysis of the Priority Sectors

Work package 4 is led by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Work package 4 assesses which spe
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Work Package 5 – Research and Innovation Roadmaps

Work package 5 is led by Tecnalia Research and Innovation. Roadmaps are planning tools frequently us
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Work Package 6 – Innovation Network

Work package 6 is led by PNO. The main mission of this work package is the creation of and Innovatio
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Work Package 7 – Communication and Dissemination

Work package 7 is led by Chemistry Innovation. The input of the stakeholder community is vital to th
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Work Package 8 – Vision and Policy Recommendations

Work package 8 is led by Tecnalia Research and Innovation. The policy recommendations work package w
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