Launch of ERECON

As the EU imports  over 90%  of the rare earth elements (REEs) essential to the green energy and technology sectors, preparing for supply disruptions by securing European supplies of these materials is essential to the future of these industries.

In answer to this, the European Commission has launched a European Rare Earths Competency Network (ERECON), a group which brings together experts with the aim of boosting a secure supply of REEs. The Network will be guided by a steering committee that will delegate each of the three Working Groups a different mandate surrounding REEs in the EU:

  • Group 1 - focuses on primary production as well as mining, separation and refining.
  • Group 2 - focuses on resource efficiency and recycling, including potential substitution and end-of-life recycling.
  • Group 3 - focuses on future trends and challenges, including exploring innovation opportunities.


For more information on the initiative, visit the ERECON website.

If you are interested in joining ERECON, contact the ERECON Secretariat.

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