M2i Workshop: Substitution Research Opportunities

M2i has announced they will be holding a one day workshop on 24 September in Delft, focusing on recent developments in the field of critical raw material substitutes in particular for metals. Substitution of these materials is a high priority for the EU and so the Union is supporting innovation initiatives in this field such as ERA-NET on Industrial handling of raw materials (ERA-MIN), EIP Raw Materials, KIC Raw Materials and Horizon 2020 a.o.

“M2i chairs  the working group of ERA-MIN which developed recently a research agenda on substitution which is now used as input for Horizon 2020 and the other EU initiatives. In the workshop we will use this ERA-MIN research agenda and other roadmaps as inspiration to define substitution research topics which meet the needs of one or more industrial parties.” 

The workshop will also cover possibilities for funding substitution research as well as to form a consortia of industrial and university partners which will develop programs and project proposals.

The event will feature presentations from Tata Steel Europe and Bosch Transmission who will present their cases for industrial substitution.


Please register by e-mailing Annelies Zwanenburg- Janssen, (Zwanenburg@m2i.nl).

For any questions on the content and agenda of the workshop please contact Derk Bol, (d.bol@m2i.nl).


CT-Instructiezaal 1.96,

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences,TU Delft

Stevinweg 1, 2628 CN Delft.

Further information on the event location can be found on the Tu Delft website.


table for m2i event

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