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Webinar: Endangered Elements: Critical Materials in the Supply Chain

The periodic table of elements is under siege.  Modern materials use an ever-increasing number of elements, and some supplies are running short. This is presenting a number of supply chain risks: demand shocks due to new uses, supply uncertainties because of geographically concentrate
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EU statement on conflict minerals

The European Commission released the following statement on 5th March regarding potential new regulation of use of conflict minerals: EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht: Ensuring minerals from conflict zones are sourced responsibly Click here to read the statement.  
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International workshop on the production of metals using natural gas

Place:  Trondheim Date:   9 – 10 September 2014 The successful substitution of natural gas for coal and coke in various metal production processes would allow for cleaner, less energy-intensive processes at lower temperatures resulting in higher quality products. However, many t
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Sixth project newsletter is now public

In this May issue you will find: A last-chance-to-register article about the 2nd Innovation Network Workshop coming up on 14 May in Brussels A short summary of the CRM_InnoNet presence at the Industrial Technologies 2014 in Athens A link to download the CRM_InnoNet poster A preview of
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EPSRC funds research into CRM free transparent conducting oxides

The UCL project will focus on alternatives for transparent conducting oxide materials, used in window coatings, solar power panels, phones and computers, inks and thin films. The team led by Professor Claire Carmalt (UCL Chemistry) with co-investigators Professor Jawwad Darr (UCL Chem
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UK EPSRC funds PV substitution project

A University of Bristol-led research project which aims to develop new active materials for photovoltaic solar cells based on abundant and low cost elements has been awarded £2 million funding by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). The study ‘Photovol
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Key speakers announced! 2nd Innovation Network Workshop – Brussels May 14, 2014

We are pleased to announce three guest speakers at the upcoming 2nd Innovation Network for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials workshop Brussels May 14th: James Widmer – Newcastle University – will discuss electric vehicle motors without critical materials. Michele Iann
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Press Release: Tackling the Shortage of “Endangered” Elements Critical to Modern Technologies

“Endangered” elements have allowed us to dramatically advance technology and modern life but are at risk of running out. Which elements are the scarcest? What are scientists doing to address this critical issue? Top experts in the field will answer these questions and more during a ne
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The UK Materials Security Special Interest Group launches New Funding Page

The UK Materials Security Special Interest Group has launched a new funding page which details relevant funding for innovation projects related to materials security and the transition to the circular economy.  Key features of the funding page are: Dyamic content featuring the latest
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