CONSULTATION: CRM Substitution Roadmaps

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CRM_InnoNet Roadmaps for Substitution of Critical Raw Materials

The overall aim of CRM_InnoNet is to create an integrated community that will drive innovation in the field of critical raw material substitution for the benefit of EU industry. Part of the activities to achieve this aim has focused on the elaboration of roadmaps to explore pathways for future technology development in priority applications for the energy, transport and ICT sectors, which are of considerable importance to the EU economy. Using a transparent and defendable methodology developed for this purpose CRM_InnoNet evaluated key applications in these three sector against the key criteria of economic importance, risk for raw materials availability and strategic relevance of the application. wp5This prioritisation exercise identified the five priority applications most likely to be under threat from CRM related supply bottlenecks as:

  • Permanent magnet based applications such as Electric Motors and Drives
  • Batteries and Accumulators
  • High-value Alloys
  • Photonics, including High-end Optics
  • Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Components

YOUR FEEDBACK: Public Consultation

Roadmaps for the five priority applications have been developed by the CRM_InnoNet Consortium and in consultation with external experts capturing options and timelines for substituting critical raw materials up to the year 2030.

The Consultation for the CRM Substitution  Roadmaps in all five priority themes  is now closed and we are evaluating your feedback.


The CRM Substitution Roadmaps will be formally published at the

Final Project Conference on 17th June in Brussels.


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