Annual Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

The 3rd annual High Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials will be held on 9-10 December 2015 in Brussels. It will focus on three parts: EIT Raw Materials, EIP on Raw Materials, and Raw Materials in Horizon 2020.

The conference will start with the part on the new EU co-funded Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on Raw materials called “EIT Raw Materials” and will concentrate on creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs in the raw materials area.

The EIP part will present a comprehensive overview of developments in the fields covered by the EIP, including the High level panel; successful and new Raw Materials Commitments; regional approaches and investment in raw materials; and launching the 2nd call for the EIP ‘Raw Materials Commitments’. Following the adoption of the Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP) in September 2013, the first set of 80 commitments by over 700 companies, public agencies, research institutes, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders from all over Europe was launched in 2014. These partners have all committed to contribute in one way or the other to fostering technological and non-technological innovation in Europe’s metallic, mineral and forest-based raw materials value chains.

The Horizon 2020 part will focus on the 2016 Horizon 2020 calls relevant to raw materials and will provide networking opportunities for new initiatives and projects. In parallel the first 28 specific raw materials projects of Horizon 2020 worth €140 million of EC funding were launched in 2014 and 2015.

Please find the programme below.

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Draft programme of the conference


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