3rd Innovation Network Workshop

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The Innovation Network had its 3rd strategic workshop in Brussels on the 11th of February 2015. The event gathered about 100 delegates from 85 different organizations located in 18 countries. This event was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the innovative substitution projects and technologies that can be applied in different strategic sectors such as Energy, Transport, Electronics and Photonics. Seven coordinators of European projects related to the substitution topic presented new technologies to replace critical metals in catalytic biomass conversion, fuel cells and water treatment applications as well as new high performance materials for replacing CRM in spintronic devices and eliminating the use of the critical metals in electron devices such as touch screens. The afternoon session featured presentations from coordinators of EU projects related to the development of magnet-free motors for electric vehicles, novel techniques to enable a drastic reduction in the industrial use of rare earth and especially heavy rare earth materials for the production of permanent magnets, and novel combinatorial synthesis and compacting techniques of nanowires for the fabrication of next generation permanent magnets without CRM based on nanotechnology strategies.

Additionally the event featured two strategic presentations one from the KIC RawMatTERS-the winner of the EIT raw materials and one from the EIP raw materials presenting the available opportunities for further engagement of the Innovation Network members in the substitution topic in the coming years. An overview of the main outputs so far of the CRM_InnoNet project was also presented. Moreover, the event included a Networking session at the end of the day were attendees had the opportunities to meet key innovators and stakeholders in the substitution topic, and discuss about the progress reached so far in different application areas, barriers to be removed and opportunities for potential collaboration and cooperation.

Keynote Presentations

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