2nd Innovation Network Workshop

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The Innovation Network had its 2nd strategic workshop in Brussels on the 14th of May 2014. The event was attended by about 140 delegates representing 110 organizations from 22 countries. The event featured presentations by the WP leaders about the progress in mapping of the CRM landscape for the 14 EU CRM as well as for the ICT and electronics, Energy and Transport sectors. The prioritization methodology and the resulted prioritized applications for further road-mapping activities were presented. The results of the vision workshop, which was held the day before and encompass the first inputs for road-mapping activities, were also presented. The afternoon featured 3 presentations by Guest speakers and interactive breakout sessions around the prioritized applications where inputs from the participants for road-mapping were gathered by the moderators. The presentations from the day, are now available.

Keynote presentations

Claire Claessen – CRM_InnoNet

Luis Tercero – Mapping of CRM Landscape

Ulla-Maija Mroueh – Analysis of the ICT and Electronics sector

Aymeric Brunot – Analysis of the Energy sector

Lena Smuk – Analysis of the Transport sector

Andrea Ferrari – Methodology and prioritization

Daniela Velte – Roadmaps for material substitution

Guest presentations

James Widmer – EV eMotors without Rare Earth Materials

Michele Iannone – Materials for Aeronautical Structures: Reason and Rules for Material Change

David Gardner – Relevance to CRM Substitution – Risk Assessment in Material Supply Chains

Breakout session discussions – gathered raw inputs by moderators

Raija Koivisto – Printed Circuit Boards and electronic components

Luis Tercero – Permanent-magnet based applications such as electric drives and motors

Aymeric Brunot – Batteries and accumulators

Casper Van der Eijk – High value alloys

David Peck – Photonics – high-end optics

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